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DIY Floating Shelves for Visually Large Space

diy floating kitchen shelves

What are actually DIY floating shelves? This kind of shelves is used for special construction. It is intended to give some kind of illusion that your shelves look like floating in the air without any support. It can be both built from traditional and solid wood and hollow core constructions. Floating shelves are very flexible and it is a perfect way for getting rid of unused wood. Also, if you have small room, floating shelves can be very advantageous.

Where to Put Floating Shelves?

These shelves can be put almost everywhere. However, they are rarely put in a living room as it looks quite informal. So, one possibility and mostly used by people is that they are put in the kitchen. If you have small kitchen and lack of cupboard and cabinet, DIY floating shelves can help you solve your problems. You can both make them as the complement for the kitchen storage and make them as the place when they are mostly needed.

The other place you can put floating shelves is in the bedroom. You can hang the shelves high that it does not disturb your activity. It is also beneficial if you have small bedroom since the floating shelves also give you visually larger space. And the good news is that by having DIY floating shelves, you will gain tons of storage spaces freely.

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