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Fireplace Mantel Design: Creativity and Intimacy

fireplace mantel plans

You can turn your fireplace mantel design into a WOW one. Here are some tips in order to make it happen. The first thing is about outstanding overlapping. If you employ the overlap artwork, you can make your fireplace mantel standing out. The important key is making sure that the piece varies in width and height. What else to consider?

Creative Fireplace Mantel Design

The next thing about fireplace mantel design is fireplace mantel accessories. It can surely enhance your simple and plain fireplace mantel. The easiest way is hanging one mirror in the middle of it and then one sconce on both sides. If you want to anchor the mantel, use large vase placed in front of the mirror. After that, fill it with smaller accessories like candlesticks, vases, or decorative objects.

Then, you need to pick up the materials and colors that are found elsewhere in your room. The mix of white, gold and blue pieces can help you to reflect your room’s palette. What about employing the traditional table? If you want to know, symmetrical arrangements will help you project the classic order. You can dress up your fireplace mantel design with one pair of the wall sconces, one round mirror in the middle and then a mounted of wall sconces on both sides of your fireplace.

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