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Kate Middleton Ring: Let’s Find Out How Gorgeous It Is

engagement ring kate middleton

The choice of Catherine Middleton or Kate Middleton ring was not a brand new jewelry. Rather, when Prince William proposed his now-wife in the fall of 2010, he has the ring that used to be his mother’s. It was the engagement ring Lady Diana Spencer wore when she was engaged to Charles, Prince of Wales, back in February 1981.

Beautiful Kate Middleton Ring

The ring was consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds arranged around a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire that was set in 18-karat white gold band. Back at that time, the ring was priced at 28,000 pounds sterling. If we have to calculate the Kate Middleton ring price now, we need to adjust it to today’s value of money. When it was still Lady Di’s, Kate Middleton ring was a rather unusual choice.

It was because of the ring wasn’t custom-made nor unique. Rather, the ring was featured in the jeweler’s collection, Garrard, and available for purchase to anyone. Even so, some people said that Lady Di chose the ring because it reminded her of the engagement ring that belonged to her mother. After getting engaged to Prince William, Kate Middleton had to resize the ring. Kate Middleton ring now is a size I with two platinum studs attached.

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