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Mirrored Coffee Table, Find the Perfect One for You

amelie mirrored coffee table

Do you know that mirrored coffee table is furniture which has a great role in the living room? It is a small table that becomes a center of attention to be a place to put some foods, beverages, and other things like vase and magazine. Before you purchase it, let us take a look about what kind of mirrored coffee table that perfect for your living room.

Going Further on Mirrored Coffee Table

Coffee table itself has various styles. There are wooden, lift-up, and mirrored coffee table as the most common used by people. For the mirrored one, it is better to find your best dimension suits to your room size. The ideal length is about ½ to 2/3 of the sofa and 40-50cm in height depending on what kind of chairs you use in the living room. For sofa, it is also better to have low mirrored coffee table whereas higher one is perfect for wooden chairs.

As the most popular coffee table, mirrored coffee table exists in round and square shape. The simple design is also perfect for modern house. It is match to any material of table frame such as wood, metal, and glass. Do not worry about the price. It is cheap and so is easily to clean off. The weakness is only on tip of the glass. It is harmful especially for children. Be sure that every tip has been made slightly arched so that mirrored coffee table is safe for those who have children.

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