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Modern Living Room: Classic or Minimalist?

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The existence of modern living room is no doubt. Living room has an important role to give the first impression of the guest while visiting your house. So you have to decorate it as well as you can to make both the guest and the owner feels comfortable within. The decision to choose certain theme or concept is all in your hand. As you know, modern concept is still in the front line as the best concept for your house.

Best Two Modern Living Room Designs

When you heard about classic modern, you will relate it to unique and festive crafted design. It is not about the old fashioned stuffs but tend to be timeless design which suits in any period. You still can use the traditional furniture combined with some soft colored wall, marble floor, velvet carpet, and patterned pillow case to make it more exclusive and reveal the touch of modern living room.

The other favorite one amongmodern living room ideas for small room is minimalist modern. Why is it suitable to small room? It is because the concept does not need to be festive but rather too ordinary and put only what you need. Small sofa and coffee table with some simple wall decorations are enough to please the guest with a comfortable place. To be more elegant and different, place some furniture with futuristic design and pictures. You can also give the natural minimalist by giving the light of outdoor filled with some plants and pond sound. Which modern living room would you choose?

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