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Sleigh Bed, a Unique and Beautiful Type of Bed

cherry sleigh bed
One of the types of bed that you can choose upon arranging your bedroom is the one known as sleigh bed. This particular type of bed refers to the frames with both headboard and footboard in a uniquely outward curl right at the top of both ends of the board. The fact that it is considered to resemble a sleigh is the reason of its name.

The Origins of Sleigh Bed Style

This particular type or style of bed known as sleigh bed was originated from French design. Having the footboard shorter than the headboard, this bed is a design of a single bed. Usually it is going to be used for a day bed or even a childs bed. Mainly this type of bed is made of carved wood despite of the fact that there are some new materials that have been used as alternatives. Along the years of development of this bed type or style, within the period of 19th century the Americans have tried to modify the look of this bed a bit. Ornate carvings will be the slight modification done by the Americans in order to get a bit of better appeal of this so-called sleigh bed.

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