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Subway Tile Bathroom Idea: Is It a Good Choice to Adopt?

bathroom remodel subway tile

Tile is a common material that people are used to finish their bathroom which can possibly be using the so-called subway tile bathroom. It is pretty true that when using tile there are many possibilities and variations to consider including the size of the tile, the pattern, the arrangement, and many other things. So, is it good to actually make use of the design of subway tile?

Things to Consider in Using Subway Tile Design

In a bathroom the space is definitely limited in which incorporating the so-called subway tile bathroom may not really be a good idea. The thing is that this design of tile installation means that the tile used is in small size. When the space is limited as in a bathroom, installing small sized tiles will further create an illusion that the space is pretty small and limited.

Yet when this particular design of tile installation for a bathroom is a must, then one way to deal with the small space illusion is to go for bright tones of the tile. Avoid using various shades at once and stick to one color only. This will help the light to shine the bathroom and make a visually larger space aside of the use of subway tile bathroom.

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