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Titanic Necklace: Lifetime Legend That Symbolize Love

blue diamond necklace titanic

Titanic necklace becomes famous after the tragedy of shipwrecking hitting the big ice in Atlantic Ocean, Titanic, comes into theater. Kate Phillips, the one who wear blue diamond necklace is the survivor of the tragedy. She lost her necklace when the ship sank down the ocean and starting from that there are many people who are looking for the diamond necklace. There has been more expedition to find the necklace and many jewelers are competing to create the replica of the necklace.

The Legend of Titanic Necklace

Titanic necklace is known for the name love of the oceanthat symbolizes the true love. In the movie the shape of the titanic blue sapphire necklaceis heart but according to some reliable source, the shape of the necklace is actually square. Many people are also speculating about the authenticity of the titanic diamond because at that time that is the time where there are so many artificial diamonds created.

The color of the titanic blue diamond is actually not blue; according to rumors the real color of the blue sapphire is green but it is still under speculation. Still, the legend of the blue sapphire sank in the Atlantic Ocean becomes an interesting story that symbolize love. Titanic necklace becomes one of the lifetime legends worldwide.

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