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Trundle Bed Extend the Comfortable Sleeping Space

bed with trundle
Trundle bedis a pair of beds that one of which is the twin bed and the other is located under twin bed. It can be used by pulling out the bed. The smaller bed below has rollers or casters that make the bed easy to pull out if it is going to be used. This kind of bed is the best idea for a room that needs to accommodate guests who want to sleepover without doing any improvisation in the room design. You can transform the twin bed to have extended space below it to be used by two or more people.

Extending Sleeping Space with Trundle Bed

Trundle bed is very functional to use. If you often invite your friends to sleepover or if you have big family who often stay in your house, having this bed is the good idea. You can choose different size of mattress for the bed from single size up to twin size. Double trundle bed is more preferable if you have mid-size until big size of rooms. There are different materials that you can choose for the beds, from wood, PVC and metal. The price will vary based on the materials and the size of the bed. You can choose the bed based on your budget or your favorite design. Trundle bed is perfect for a room that needs to have extra sleeping space to sleep comfortably.

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